Friday, 21 November 2014

#FFF Flash Fiction Friday - fallen.

The Flash Friday Fiction gang are the best damn group of perverts you'll ever read.
Every Friday we write flashes of precisley100 words inspired by a given picture.

He'd fallen.
The waves lapped at his feet as the turning tide swept away the past. The salt from his tears slipped into an ocean that barely noticed his presence let alone the pointless flow of his loss.
So far, so very far.
From Grace, from Hope, from a heaven he'd not known was so fragile, so temporary, so dependent on his truth, on his honesty.
Grace had loved him. He had loved Hope.
And then they had met and his lies had been laid bare.
He had loved too much, too often, with too many.
His wings faded to black...

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  1. WOW, just wow. I loved this, so poetic, so romantic, so heartwrenching. Very moving piece and beautifull executed. WoW. xo

  2. I agree with Muffy. WOW! Awesome flash DK :-D

  3. Beautiful,romantic, yet so sad. He pays for the lies. Heartwrenching flasher

  4. Lovely language, with meaning behind the literal. It's the literal that makes it punch.

  5. Ah, the plight of a promiscuous angel. Guess his crime was disturbing the peace, oh and hope ;-) Great take on the pic!

  6. romantically written and excellent

  7. Again so powerful and full of emotion. My heart aches for him, and I hope he finds peace and can change his ways and fall in love again.