Friday, 23 January 2015

L'Wren, Hawk and the Doves: when Hawk met the Dove

Can a starship captain maintain the platonic 'mission protocol' with his first mate when they have to take on board two mysterious and beautiful alien empaths and deliver them safely to the peace talks on the gender-conflicted planet Ourania?
Will emotions boil over and physical needs conquer the reserve of duty?
A snippet from 'L'Wren, Hawk and the Doves', a March 2015 release form Breathless Press to tease you -

When Hawk met the Dove:

Hawk straightened his dress uniform tunic and ran his fingers through his hair. He hated this side of being a captain, the formality and enforced diplomacy, but this was an important meeting and he was the face of the Federation for it. He was also just a little unsure of how he might react to the Turacoenans. There were stories of their exceptional beauty, both male and female. His feelings for L'Wren were rock solid, but strangely, what worried him more was the empathy aspect of meeting a Turacoenan. And not just one, but two. Grown men had found themselves simply overwhelmed with the feelings the mysterious alien empaths brought out in them, feelings that they'd not realized they had, or worse, that they knew they had but believed under control. There was also a strange two-way aspect of the Turacoenan's empathy, a sort of feedback. He was wary of their ability to feel what he was feeling and to somehow feel it with him and enhance it.

That was not what he needed when he and L'Wren where on a mission. He had enough trouble keeping his hands off her, let alone his mind. Having those feelings under control was an absolute necessity, a nonoptional given, until they were back from this mission.

He tugged down again on his dress uniform tunic, straightening it, then cricked his neck left and right. He'd been through some things in his time in the fleet. Things that had happened to him and yes, things he'd done, questionable things, expedient things, things that had left an emotional mark. He'd put them aside, moved on. In the mind of a starship captain, there was no room for doubt or uncertainty. His crew depended on him. The safety of the ship was in his hands. There was no room for soul searching when a life or death decision depended on the right answer at the right time. He needed to be on top of anything that might happen—before it happened.

The proximity docking alarm flashed from green to red. The shuttle was alongside, and the automatic docking systems engaged.

"Shuttle dock preliminary checks completed, and air lock seal confirmed. Halo Seven Five requesting permission to dock," announced the computer.

"Hawkings acknowledged. Docking permission granted," he said.

The air lock pressure indicator pulsed from red through to amber, then settled to a steady green. Hawk hit the door control. There was a hiss as the air pressure balanced out between ship and shuttle, and then the heavy interlocked doors slid open.

A tall, slim, but well-muscled man with long, raven hair and wearing a tight-fitting, one-piece, functional silver-gray uniform stepped forward. His face was a dangerously attractive mix of a firm, masculine jawline and high cheekbones. His mouth had soft, full, almost feminine lips, and his perfect almond-shaped blue-gray eyes seemed to look into and through Hawk rather than at him. Hawk experienced a swirl of emotions as he took in the full picture of the Turacoenan—his feelings for L'Wren, his fear for her safety on a dangerous mission, his care and responsibility for the crew.

He found this man, this tall and yes, beautiful man, attractive in both an emotional and a very physical way. This man would understand him, would know how—and maybe even why—he felt those emotions. He would know, he would care. Hawk's gaze lingered on that mouth, and for a second, he wondered about kissing it.

It was a feeling he'd not experienced since...

That was a long time ago.

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