Friday, 6 February 2015

#FFF Flash Friday Fiction - the plumber

The Flash Friday Fiction gang are the best damn group of perverts you'll ever read.

Every Friday we write flashes of precisley100 words inspired by a given picture.


"I've got the problem solved now. Your problem was the ball cock in your overflow tank up in your loft. You had a slow drip that was lowering your pressure," said the plumber.
"Oh, I see'" I replied. Tradespeople scare me with their technical talk. I feel as if I'm going to look daft if I try to understand.
"Was the ladder ok?" I asked.
"Yes, I had no trouble getting it up. Shall I show you how to work the shower now?" the plumber asked.
"Yes, please'" I said. She really is the best plumber I've ever dealt with....

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  1. I broke out laughing! What a fabulous twist! Here I am looking at him thinking"....yeah, he can fix my plumbing..." What a surprise. I loved this. xo

  2. Excellent twist, and what an accommodating plumber. Love it! x

  3. I'll just bet she IS the best plumber he's ever dealt with. LOL Love the twist - just shows how our minds are still conditioned to assume certain things ;-)